in ASP.NET web application. I used a ArrayList to store list of windows services obtained through ServiceController.GetServices() method. then bind the arraylist to a DataGrid for display, I only show Service DisplayName and status in the UI. So column1 will be DisplayName, column2 will be service status. What if I want to add in one more column to the middle to show the service description. We know that DisplayName and Status are the ServiceController class built-in properties, they are displayed by setting the DataField column property in DataGrid. But Description is not. How can I add the Description column to the DataGrid, suppose I have obtained the service Description ArrayList storing all services descriptions. <BR><BR>May I create an additional column and then put another DataGrid to this column for displaying Description? I tried , seems I cannot do that.<BR><BR>I am using ASP.NET together with C#<BR><BR>Thank you!!