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Thread: http encode for literals?

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    Default http encode for literals?

    I have an xhtml VB site which pulls all content from an MSSQL DB. The issue is the reserved character "&". I&#039;ve used literals to replace vbCrLF with &#060;br /&#062; in the main body field and can set up a similar routine for all fields, replacing "&" with "&-amp;" (sorry for the dash; you get the point), but was wondering if there was a better/shorter route to ensuring xhtml code compliance, perhaps with http:encode?<BR><BR> Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Default Server.HTMLEncode

    Converts " to &amp;quot;<BR>Converts &#060; to &amp;lt;<BR>Converts & to &amp;amp;<BR>etc.<BR><BR>Does not convert CR or LF or apostrophe.<BR><BR>

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