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    Why would the following code execute in VB6 but hang indefinately when<BR>exectuted in an ASP 3.0 page?<BR><BR>Set VLReceive = CreateObject("VLCTI.VLReceive")<BR><BR>This line is invoked in the following context:<BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim VLReceive<BR>Set VLReceive = CreateObject("VLCTI.VLReceive")<BR>Set VLReceive = Nothing<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Is it the setup of the virtual directory or something?<BR><BR>Other ActiveX DLLs can be loaded with CreateObject() and scripting is enabled.<BR><BR>Many thanks.<BR>

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    Your code should work perfectly. Allthough its considered good practice to use the "Server.CreateObject" instead of just "CreateObject".<BR><BR>Anyway, there might be a problem in your DLL file though. Maybe its the rest of the computer config. It could be Norton Scripting protection. It could be the lack of the midas.dll.<BR><BR>Could be a number of things. Give us some more info. The ASP file seems good though.

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