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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have a form in ASP that pulling data from a SQL server. Now I need to calculate an expiration date for different type of warranty base on the start date from the database. <BR>So I have the startdate in format MM/DD/YYYY and warrantyterm in months. How do I convert and do the calculation for the expiration date? <BR><BR>

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    Default I hope you are wrong...

    &#062; So I have the startdate in format MM/DD/YYYY <BR><BR>I *hope* you just *THINK* you have it in that format. I hope that it is actually a DATETIME field in your table in the database. In which case it does NOT have any "format" at all. Read this:<BR><BR><BR>If you really mean that you have stored the date in the table as a string instead of as a DATETIME field, then tch tch.<BR><BR>And as for doing date calculations, such as adding months to a date:<BR>

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