I&#039m working on a database that will house large reports in text format. Large meaning, taking a 30-page report housed in a standard Word document and storing it in a database so that it can be displayed, search, etc.<BR><BR>I&#039m having trouble coming up with an efficient way to do this: one that doesn&#039t require a VB God, but that still allows for reports to be entered relatively easily.<BR><BR>I&#039d like the final report to be paged properly, so it only shows a certain amount of text per page, with next page and page number links, etc.<BR><BR>The only two ways I can think of to do this are:<BR><BR>1. Manually break each paragraph up into a field.<BR><BR>2. Manually break up the report into page-sized chunks, so each chunk is a field. One field per page.<BR><BR>I know I could get either method to work fine for output. However, entering a report would be cumbersome; converting such a huge document into those manageable chunks, and entering them one by one.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any tips on how to approach such a project? Am I missing something obvious?<BR><BR>TIA,<BR><BR>B.Mof