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    hello,<BR><BR>Is there a replace option available that will change a string independed from the case to something else without losing the case of the rest of the string?<BR><BR>like<BR><BR>replace("Do Artemia replacement","artemia","&#060;i&#062;Artemia&#060;/i&#062;"<BR><BR>will do the trick but it doesn&#039;t, lcase(string) is an option but that will make it "do Atemia..." problem is that it isn&#039;t sure that artemia appears all the time with a capital letter or full capital.<BR><BR>is there a way to solve this?<BR>(i guess a combination of instr, mid, start+string+end or replace ?)<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default You will have to code it

    first find the string, get the mid then get the ascii value to determine if it us upper or lower case and after that "create" the text to replace with and replace<BR><BR>

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    could be the answer.<BR><BR>I&#039;d post code but I&#039;m really busy right now

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