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    hi<BR>i have created one usercontrol in and when i am calling in, it is displaying as multiple textbox, but v r not able to enter any thing. my code like this<BR>&#060;object id="test1" classid="http:test.dll#mycontrol.test" <BR>height="500" width="500" &#062; &#060;/object&#062;<BR><BR>advance thanks<BR>

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    Default That's NOT

    how you reference a User Control.<BR><BR>In your page directives you need to register the User Control:<BR><BR>&#060;%@ Register TagPrefix="YourTagPrefix" TagName="YourTagName" src="YourUserControl.ascx" %&#062;<BR><BR>Then in your page:<BR><BR>&#060;YourTagPrefix:YourTagName Runat=server/&#062;<BR><BR>Do a google search for user control examples<BR><BR>Mark

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