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    On asp page I have a row of 3 fields. when user exits the 3rd field I want code to generate a another row of the same fields. This will repeat until the user stops entering data and clicks the submit button. I know I can use onblur but need help with actual loop.

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    I don&#039t believe there is any way to do this that will<BR>port to Netscape. NS doesn&#039t allow you to add fields<BR>to an existing form. You *might* be able to do it by<BR>putting in 30 rows at the start and then "hiding" the<BR>rows not needed. Wouldn&#039t be too bad. Just have a blank<BR>(or pretty background or...) layer that sits on top of<BR>the form area (change the z-index, in other words, to put<BR>it in front) and change its clipping rectangle size in order<BR>to reveal more and more of the already-setup form. <BR><BR>Of course, it won&#039t work in any pre-version-4 browsers, so<BR>you probably want to do browser detection and provide some<BR>other alternative.<BR><BR>For a good site on cross browser DHTML, check out<BR><BR><BR><BR>--------------------------------<BR>Bill Wilkinson<BR>Chili!Soft:<BR>"Pioneering Cross-Platform Active Server Pages"<BR><BR><BR>

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    thank you very much, I&#039ll check it out.

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