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    Is there a way to access remote directories or supply login credentials for scripting.filesystem object?? I have a Remote Directory that is accessible from our website but I want to access it with scripting.filesystem object instead of IIS virtual directory. We have files that should only be viewed based on the website login. The virtual directory allows anyone that figures out the URL naming scheme to access other customers files stored there.Any thoughts would be apprecitated. Thanks!

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    Default 100% depends upon permissions...

    The FileSystemObject can "see" any directory (and file) where it has permissions. Recall that FSO uses the userid of IIS web server, which userid is always IUSR_xxx where xxx is the name of the web server&#039;s computer. <BR><BR>So set up permissions for IUSR_xxx and it should work fine.<BR><BR>Now...<BR><BR>Having done all that, I hope you are aware that FSO can really only handle text files. What do you do about binary files? Images, Word docs, spreadsheets, you name it?<BR><BR>

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