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    If I have a table Material:<BR><BR>ID Material<BR>1 a<BR>2 b<BR>3 c<BR>4 d<BR>5 e<BR>6 f<BR><BR>and another table Setter:<BR><BR>MaterialID Venue<BR>1 Zany<BR>2 Zany<BR>2 Tippers<BR>3 Tippers<BR>4 Zany<BR>5 Tippers<BR><BR>I want one query that will give me the ID not in setter for a venue. So for venue Tippers, I would get:<BR><BR>ID<BR>1<BR>4<BR>6<BR><BR>For venue Zany, I would get:<BR>ID<BR>3<BR>5<BR>6<BR><BR>For venue OceanSide, I would get:<BR>ID<BR>1<BR>2<BR>3<BR>4<BR>5<BR>6<BR><BR>Fo r a specific venue, can this be done in one query? If so, what is the query.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jason<BR>

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    <BR>select id<BR>from material<BR>where not exists (<BR>select * <BR>  from setter<BR> where = setter.materialid<BR>   and setter.venue = &#060;venueOfChoice&#062;)<BR>

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