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    Jeroen Jansen Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I want to open a new window (a Javascript function) combined with active server variables. Example:<BR><BR>myWin ="&#039vecastem.asp&#039, &#039stemvenster&#039, &#039width=400, height=300,status=no,menubar=no&#039")<BR><BR>The page (vecastem.asp) however has to be opened as: <BR>vecastem.asp?Link_id=" & lngLink_id & "&Hfdcat=" & lngHfdcat_id & "&Cat=" & lngCat_id & "&Subcat=" & lngSubcat_id <BR><BR>Does anybody know how to combine the two? Thanks, for your help.<BR><BR>Jeroen

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    JEB Guest

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    err maybe I&#039ve misunderstood, but couldn&#039t you get the Server side ASP code to write the client side Javascript function, filling in the link parameters ?

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