Plural is a strategic, interactive consulting and development firm focused on multiplying the eBusiness strengths of our clients. Propelled by more than 500 skilled strategists, creative specialists and technologists, Plural draws upon deep experience delivering critical business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) solutions to the Global 2000 and Internet startup businesses. A company that listens, learns and collaborates. A company that understands and delivers.<BR><BR>We are currently looking for:<BR><BR>Job Title: Web Developer<BR><BR>Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN<BR><BR>Description: Plural web developers bring the user interfaces of web applications to life. They work to program the dynamic elements of web content and write the code that integrates with middle-tier business objects and back-end databases.<BR><BR>Required Skills: Experience using Visual InterDev to write ASP applications; Experience using ADO to interface with databases; Experience writing scripts to automate COM objects; Working knowledge of HTML.<BR><BR>Nice-to-Have Skills: Working knowledge of Microsoft Site Server; COM component development using VB or VC++; Working knowledge of LDAP and ADSI; Extensive knowledge of Internet security, version control, log analysis, e-mail, FTP, Usenet, TCP/IP and internet networking concepts, and Sysop (AOL, CIS, BBS, etc.).<BR><BR>Experience: 2–6 years general development experience; 1+ years ASP experience; Experience in a consulting environment (i.e., working on projects for external clients) a plus.<BR><BR>Job Title: Database Developer<BR><BR>Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN<BR><BR>Description: Plural database developers design and implement both transactional databases and data marts/warehouses. They work on logical database designs, physical design, stored procedure development, and authoring of low level data access components.<BR><BR>Required Skills: Relational database design/modeling; Microsoft SQL Server design, implementation, stored procedure development, and performance tuning; ADO programming; Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS).<BR><BR>Nice-to-Have Skills: SQL Server OLAP services; Simple COM component development with VB; Experience with other databases such as Oracle, Sybase, or Informix; Experience with CASE tool and ODBC connectivity; Familiar with MSFT NT and/or Unix.<BR><BR>Experience: 6–10 years database experience in a consulting environment (i.e., working on projects for external clients) a plus.<BR><BR>Also, Site Server experts encouraged to apply!<BR><BR>For more information, please contact me at<BR><BR><BR>