Hello everybody,<br /><br />Sorry for my bad english!<br />I have a question.<br />I want to dislay a query from a database in <br />asp, with the crystal reports viewer. <br />i can see the report in the CR viewer, but <br />the headings are overlapping each other. <br />what kind of properties do you have for the <br />report header? Or does somebody know the <br />sollution?<br /><br />my code:<br /><br />` Note* - When adding report objects and <br />headings RAS estimates the width and height <br />of the heading. The methods below will <br />` increase the width and height.<br /><br />` Enumerated types<br />crReportObjectKindFieldHeading = 12<br /><br />` Retrieve the report objects that are text <br />objects representing the header fields added <br />above<br />Set reportHeaderObjects = session<br />("oClientDoc").ReportDefController.ReportObje<b r />ctController.GetReportObjectsByKind<br />(crReportObjectKindFieldHeading)<br /><br />For Each reportHeading in reportHeaderObjects<br />` Clone the report heading object<br />Set crReportHeading = <br />reportHeading.clone(true)<br /><br />` Format the reportHeading objects<br /><br />With crReportHeading<br />.width = 2000<br />.height = 500<br /><br /><br />End with<br /><br />`The report object controller is <br />used to modify the existing field on the <br />report. The Modify method takes in<br />`the original report object and the <br />new modified report objects as parameters.<br />Session<br />("oClientDoc").ReportDefController.ReportObje<b r />ctController.Modify reportHeading, <br />crReportHeading<br />Next<br /><br />thank you very much for the answer!!!<br />