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    I have a web application having a dll. Now I added a new link in the page which uses a new dll(developed as a seperate project).<BR>The application is not working. Any ideas?<BR>Am I clear about the problem?<BR><BR>What are steps to be followed to achieve such a requirement.

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    Hi, If you&#039;re using Visual Studio (which I assume you are from the way you&#039;re talking):<BR><BR>Right click on the "References" folder of your project and click "Add Reference"<BR><BR>You should then be able to navigate to the .dll that you want to use. I&#039;ve only just started using VS myself so I&#039;m not 100% sure if you need to copy the file to your /bin folder or whether VS does it automatically.<BR><BR>Plus I&#039;ve recently learnt about the technique of having a project for your code and another to publish to the web but I haven&#039;t got round to doing that yet...<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Tim<BR><BR>Merry Chistmas to you all :)

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