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Thread: hmmmmph. to. asp or to .inc.

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    Default hmmmmph. to. asp or to .inc.

    some recent ASP articles mention that the "good practice" / preferred method to include a file within an ASP file is via the .ASP extension rather than .INC based extension.<BR><BR>i know that the most recent security problem with .INC files that AREN&#039T debugged (*duh*) can expose code content...but what (else) is the argument to use .ASP over .INC for included files?.<BR><BR>thanks in advance for any insight!

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    Default If people guess your inc file....

    I don&#039t know about the other form of security other than the fact that if you have a sign up form, and I guess you use an includde file for the database path, like, if I happen to be right, not only do I have your source code, but I will have your databaes too.<BR><BR>It is NOT going to happen with an asp include file. I use them instead as even if you guess the do not see the path to the database, which is encouraging for me.<BR><BR>Why take a chance. THey all work the same, just use asp and play it safe for your include files...<BR><BR>Joel

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