Guys,<BR><BR>I&#039;m having the following problem: I have an ASP page that calls another JSP page, passing some strings as parameters. The strings have special characters, such as "ó" and "ê" (Portuguese characters). When passing those parameters, the JSP page receives them as UTF-8 characters, with 2 bytes each, but we would like them to be treated as ISO-8859-1 characters.<BR><BR>The ASP code that calls the JSP page is the following:<BR><BR>Response.ContentType="text/html"<BR>Response.Charset="ISO-8859-1"<BR>WebService2 = "" <BR>WebService2 = WebService2 & "?phone=" & "@PHONE_NUMBER@"<BR>WebService2 = WebService2 & "&status=" & "300"<BR>WebService2 = WebService2 & "&id=" & "Rota Real" WebService2 = WebService2 & "&data=Você"<BR>Set Http = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHttp")<BR>Http.SetTi meouts 500000, 500000, 500000, 500000<BR>Http.Open "GET", WebService2, False, "", ""<BR>Http.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" <BR>Http.send <BR><BR>We are receiving the string at the JSP page as characters 86, 111, 99, 195, 170, which is "Você" in ISO-8859-1, as displayed for us. 195 and 170 are the UTF-8 for "ê", which has code 234 in normal ISO-8859-1. We would like to receive the string as 86, 111, 99, 234, "Você".<BR><BR>What is wrong? We think the XML object being used to just to send the HTTP request is converting the characters for to UTF-8...<BR><BR>thanks a lot for any help,<BR>Carlos<BR>