Hi,<BR><BR>Sorry if I&#039;m asking a dumb question, I just dont know too much about regexp but I seemed to compile a little bit.<BR><BR>I want to change all backslashes to forward slashes /, that I have in many html files, however I only want to do it for slashes within the &#060;a&#062; tag. I have 2 started solutions that I cant seem to get over a hump with.<BR><BR>1.<BR>&#060;a[^&#062;]*&#062;<BR>This will highlight all my link tags. I would like to use &#060;a[\]*&#062; instead but then there is no padding. THe only way that will work is for one slash and if the html link looks like &#060;a&#062;, and that will never occur.<BR>I need this to work on html tags like the following example:<BR>&#060;a href = "blahlahlah..." &#062; <BR>and avoid all other slashes outside this tag.<BR><BR>2.<BR>Solution to was provided by a friend who doesnt have much knowledge, but more than me and he wanted to use a lookback but again ran into trouble with a fixed length variable.<BR>(?&#060;=&#060;a)\(?=&#062;) <BR>I dont understand this method too much.<BR><BR>Thanks for you time.