Walking side to side<BR><BR>Dreaming night by night<BR><BR>None is spectacular as was<BR><BR>Dreams of reallity<BR><BR>Killing mastermind dreams<BR><BR>Forgeting all about<BR><BR>Begining a new life<BR><BR>Day by day<BR><BR>Until reallity<BR><BR>Becomes your true Mastermind dream<BR><BR>No one is inside, say it againg<BR><BR>Dreaming together we all are appart<BR><BR>No one dreams the mastermind dream<BR><BR>So dream killer is my name<BR><BR>Don&#039;t expect to escape<BR><BR>All of you are feeding on my hand<BR><BR>The hand of a psychotic mind<BR><BR>Just all us together in the same hole<BR><BR>Digging and digging until the last code<BR><BR>Dreaming and dreaming the wrong dream<BR><BR>A collective dream <BR><BR>So the master mind dream exists<BR><BR>Until someone awakes, awakes and open the others eyes<BR><BR>Coerency calls, but no one could see...<BR><BR>Just running and running for life <BR><BR>So its you not me<BR><BR>Come with me join the club of mastermind dreamers<BR><BR>You only need to see, open your eyes and follow me...<BR><BR>So life is a cycle<BR><BR>Crying and dying<BR><BR>Borning and dying<BR><BR>Following our fate, when we could be a pure and nude fate<BR><BR>Together we all, in the same hell<BR><BR>Together againg until the lord arrives<BR><BR>To feed us with his absurd pain<BR><BR>A necesary pain inside his master mind dream<BR><BR>So where is your dream?<BR><BR>Come with me and see it againg