I posted this earlier today on Microsofts asp.net forums but haven&#039;t yet received an answer, and I really need this in a hurry. <BR><BR>Okay, not sure the best way to do this so I&#039;ll explain the problem. <BR><BR>Each user on a system has their own folder. In their user folder is a subfolder called Gallery. On a page called Gallery.aspx (located in the sites root directory), the page will loop through all files in the folder and display the name of the file (ie Image1.jpg) and the name will be a hyperlink to the actual image (ie href="UsersBobSmithGalleryImage1.jpg"). Heres how I&#039;m reading the files: <BR><BR><BR>
 <BR>strPathToGallery = "Users\" & Session("UserName") & "GalleryImages\" <BR>DIM Directory as DirectoryInfo = NEW DirectoryInfo(Server.MapPath(strPathToGallery)) <BR>DIM FSI as FileSystemInfo <BR><BR>&#039;LOOP THROUGH ALL FILES IN THE DIRECTORY <BR>FOR EACH FSI IN Directory.GetFileSystemInfos() <BR>  IF TYPEOF(FSI) IS FileInfo THEN <BR>  DIM FI AS FileInfo = CTYPE(FSI, FileInfo) <BR><BR>  &#039;HERE IS WHERE I NEED HELP!! <BR><BR>  END IF <BR>NEXT <BR>
<BR><BR>I can get the name of the file and the path (for the hyperlink) like so: <BR><BR>strLink = strPathToGallery & FI.Name <BR>strImageName = FI.Name <BR><BR>So I want to iterate through the files in the folder and store those two variables for each file, then display them on the page. I thought about adding them to a two dimensional array and then binding the array to a datagrid or something, but what I&#039;ve read suggests binding two dimensional arrays doesnt work right. <BR><BR>Any suggestions? Whats the easiest way to do this?