Hi All,<BR><BR>Have been exploring the FDFToolkit. Required to be able to open a pdf and fill in db data. Have found examples of that, but need to work out how to open the PDF file to pull out the form fields to see which ones the application needs to fill in.<BR><BR>[code]<BR>Set FDFAcX = Server.CreateObject("FDFApp.FDFApp")<BR><BR>&#039; Set objFDF = FDFAcX.FDFCreate<BR><BR>&#039; SET THE FULL ABSOLUTE URL OF YOUR PDF FILE<BR>&#039;************************************ *****************<BR><BR>&#039;not sure which method to use to open the file <BR>&#039;strFormFileName = objFDF.FDFGetFile<BR>set objFDF = FDFOpenFromFile ""<BR><BR><BR>strFld = objFDF.FDFNextFieldName("") &#039;Collect the first field name by passing ""<BR>%&#062;<BR>...<BR><BR>Not sure about which method to call to open the pdf.<BR><BR>TIA <BR><BR>Bastien