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    I have two server both which are on the same network. I have a db file on<BR>server a and I have my web server running on server b. I did a odbc on<BR>server b for the db file on server a, when I try to access the file on my<BR>web site it gives me a "The database is locked or you do not have permission<BR>to view<BR>its data" error. What can I do to fix this?<BR><BR><BR>-Bill

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    Put the database on the same box as the web server.<BR><BR>Other work arounds are discussed at:<BR><BR>

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    Are you shure the user on witch the IIS runs, can access the database on the other server? I mean at file permissions, not at database permissions.<BR><BR>I had such a problem, as the directory on the fileserver was not accessible by the user of IIS. I think IIS runs as anonymous, but I&#039m not shure about that.<BR><BR><BR>

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