Hi All<BR><BR>Long time no visit... hope everyone is weel :-)<BR>I am having an issue retreiving a collection from my web service.<BR><BR>Basically, I have a collection called "Projects" that contains "project" structs in the webservice. The Webservice then has a webmethos called getProjects as Follows.<BR><BR>[WebMethod]<BR>public Projects GetProjects()<BR>{<BR> return new Projects();<BR>}<BR><BR>I am trying to return this collection to a windows form, and am getting a rather strange error.<BR><BR>Basically, the collection has a Default accessor, so that collection items (project) can be returned as Projects[0] !<BR>When I try and instantiate the Collection in the Windows form, its throws an error saying that it:<BR>can&#039;t Convert WebService.project[] to WindowsApp.Projects<BR><BR>I have tried removing the default accessor, and the service returns an error saying it has to have it, so I am now a bit stumped...<BR><BR>Any clues would be great.<BR>Thanks, <BR>D.<BR>