I may have already read the solution to this, but I figure I would ask. <BR><BR>:Background:<BR>================<BR>I have an interactive helpdesk application set up. It is installed on a 2000 client which is on a Windows 2003 Active Direcotry domain (called defaultdomain.com). We have it abreviated DFDM for ease.<BR>The name of this client PC which the helpdesk thing resides on is: helpdesk<BR><BR>When resolved, the Fully Qualified Name for this pc is helpdesk.defaultdomain.com <BR><BR>The client is running Windows 2000 Professional, IIS with the latest in MDAC. <BR><BR>:Problem:<BR>====================<BR>If I try to log into this PC from the network...if I type in either defaultdomain.comusername or DFDMusername, it works. If I have any users logging into this PC from the internal network and they type their Active Directory username/password combo in the password prompt box (minus the DFDM part or the defaultdomain part), it returns them with helpdesk.defaultdomain.comusername as the username (username being whatever their username is...)<BR><BR>It&#039;s almost like it is trying to resolve their username to the helpdesk PC and not the network. What do I need to do to fix this? I have integrated authentication checked and Anonomous UNchecked.<BR><BR>I would like to get this so the user just types in their UN/Pwd combo and be done with it...and not have to worry about..."now do I need to input that thing -- that DFDM thing?"<BR><BR>If anyone could shed some light as to what I should check, I would happy. If this is confusing a little, sorry. <BR>