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    Well this for an quote for an holiday proposal.<BR><BR>I have hotel data and the tariffs of those hotels for different seasons.<BR><BR>Now the requirement is, that without placing the proposal data into the db, but wants to keep the data in the form of email, that is place an cc of the mail that we are planning to sent out to the customer we are planning to send the mail.<BR><BR>The requirement is that we have to send the customer 3 options of the holiday.<BR><BR>What is the best way to achieve this, I know how to get and mail it as an email using cdosys.<BR><BR>But now the problem is, lets assume that we are making option 1.<BR><BR>I will have an dropdown then populate all the hotel data on to this, upon change I will populate a table with all the tariff details of the hotel, where we will choose one of the packages available .<BR><BR>then we have to make another option of hotel and their packages.<BR><BR>How to go about it.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>prakash

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    Default If this is for a client and you have to ask

    us how to do it, then maybe you shouldn&#039;t be working on this. ; )<BR><BR>So what&#039;s the problem again?

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