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    Hi I am currently working on a website that needs to have a registered section included with it. <BR><BR>What I need to create is the code that when the correct login details and submitted, it would then take a URL from a field within a Access Database to go to.<BR><BR>I have created but the submit button takes the user to a index page rather than getting the URL from the Database.<BR><BR>Hope someone can help....<BR><BR>S.

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    Default I assume you already know... to get the username and password, because you say that already works. I also assume that the URL is just another field in the same record, so all you need to do is get the value for that field and do a Response.Redirect() on the page that checks the username and password:<BR><BR>index.asp:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>&#039; Open connection and table<BR>&#039; Find username<BR>&#039; Get password and compare with what&#039;s entered<BR>&#039; If both correct Then<BR>&#039; Get URL and put it into a variable, let&#039;s call it theURL<BR>&#039; Else<BR>&#039; Put URL of error page into theURL<BR>&#039; End If<BR>&#039; Close table and connection<BR><BR>Response.Redirect theURL<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>As long as you don&#039;t output anything, the Response.Redirect should work fine.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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