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    Currently, in a 3-tier architecture, I store my connect string in a settings.h file and pass it as parameter in ASP method call to COM object. Would like to get away from this but not to the extent of storing it in a complied file in COM object due to flexibility reasons. Would there be a scaling issue if I store the connect string in ASP Application Object to be available at all times?<BR><BR>What are drawbacks vs advantages?<BR><BR>Would it be better to store connect string in .ini file and have COM object lookup file for each call?<BR>Thanks.

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    A const inside of a COM object would be the fastest approach. <BR><BR>For more flexibility, storing that same information outside of the compiled object would be slower, but on a Web server I&#039m not sure it would be noticeble.<BR>Just how slow would depend on where that connnection string is located (SQLServer, flat file, memory mapped file).<BR><BR>If it&#039s simply a connection string and you don&#039t have to change it a lot, storing it in the application object would be quite scalable in my opinion.<BR><BR>Most people assign the bad points of Session objects to Application objects becuase they happen to be quasi-related.<BR>With application objects you don&#039t have to worry about an unknown number of copies being held for amount of time before being released.

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