I am looking for someone to create either a component or series of ASP pages.<BR><BR>I have searched long and hard for a component that will perform a specific function for a product I am working on. I need to extract meta data from remote sites.<BR><BR>I&#039ve looked at ASPTear and ASP2HTML, neither are suitable for what I need (either to complex or require a lot of editing on my part). So I have provided a URL below that you can access and get all the details you "should" need to create this component for me. <BR><BR>While the URL below may sound formal, keep in mind, we are open to all kinds of suggestions and ideas as well as various methods of being allowed to use your work in our product.<BR><BR>Visit http://www.i-81.net/81rfp/08011999.html for details and a short form if your interested.<BR><BR>Mark Wray<BR>Director of Technology<BR>I-81.NET Internet Solutions