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    Hi <BR><BR>My working database is sql2000.<BR><BR>I have admin previliges on my local server.<BR>I created a linked server name &#039;test&#039; and can execute sql<BR>select * from test.remotesrv.dbo.sales<BR><BR>But when i try connect to other sql account say "Sales_Access" (which is having only db_datareader and db_datawriter)and execute same above sql its giving error.<BR>what previliges to give my Sales_Access accoun.<BR><BR>i tried below one but still no use<BR>EXEC sp_addlinkedsrvlogin &#039;test&#039;, &#039;true&#039;, &#039;Sales_Access&#039;,&#039;sales&#039;,&#039;s ales&#039;<BR><BR>thanks <BR>

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    You don&#039;t say what error you get...<BR><BR>You need to have rights to any table that you want to select from check what rights you have on the linked server.

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