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    hi<BR><BR>I have a dropdown list that is a year, that which controls what data is displayed in a grid.<BR><BR>Initially I load the grid from what the year is at present, i.e. 2004., but the dropdown list show 2003 - the first item in the drop down list.<BR><BR>If I make the 2004 the default year in the collection, if 2003 is selected, the even thought the correct data is displayed the box says 2004.<BR><BR>How can I automatically put in a date into the dropdown box? I&#039;ve used yearlist.selecteditem.text = 2004, but that rewites over 2003, the first item in the collection, so I have 2 2004 in position 0 and 1 in the collection. Is there a way to false the display to select 2004 from collection/item 1 without overwriting item 0?<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default R&D FindByValue (eop)


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