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    Hi all, I&#039m a real beginer, have my head around includes, setting variables and printing them, text etc, not even really delved into ifs etc but I do understand them. <BR><BR>But am a quick learner as I have converted my site (www.blurtalk.com) into mostly ASP calling includes for the navigation, right bar and drop down menu, however the include for the drop down menu is mostly written in Javascript which I ripped off somewhere which obviously just gets called into an asp page and written to the HTML page.<BR><BR>I want to write this in ASP so I presume I would need to use an if statement saying <BR><BR>if 1 is clicked go to url1<BR>else<BR>if 2 is clicked go to url2<BR>end if<BR><BR>- well you get my drift ;)<BR><BR>Can anyone help me with the coding, I would greatly appreciate it... If you can mail me or post here, mailing me would be the best. Thanks

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    Try something like this.<BR>Change whatever to your Drop-Down List&#039s name.<BR>Selected = Cstr(Request("whatever"))<BR>IF Selected = "1" THEN<BR>response.redirect url1 (First Page)<BR>ELSEIF Selected = "2" THEN<BR>response.redirect url2 (Second Page)<BR>END IF<BR><BR>Put this code above the Header in your ASP Page and on the Selected value being present it will redirect to the destination file. Have the form from this page submit back to this page as well.

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