Does anyone know (or where I can get further information on) how to index dynamically created ASP pages (for searching) without first physically creating static HTML record files? I want to use Microsoft Index Server, IIS, SQL Server 6.5 and other ODBC data sources.<BR><BR>My problem is we have various databases on different platforms that I want to index for high speed ranked internet based searches. I read how to create a stored procedure in SQL 6.5 (using sp_makewebtask) to create an HTML file for each record in a database and then have Index Server catalog these saved files. I&#039ve got over 15,000 records in 3 different databases to index. I would have to create and store over 45,000 different HTML files using this method. I know there&#039s got to be a better way. <BR><BR>I am looking for a way to dynamically index ASP pages by periodically looping though all the records in a database (in batch or real time as the record is added or deleted) and not have to write any HTML files to disk (such as in the method described above). By doing this the end users can search the index and bring up the dynamically created ASP page as they need it, saving a tremendous amount of otherwise wasted disk space.<BR><BR>Any help or insight would greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>-b<BR><BR>