.asp form posting info to .aspx page?

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Thread: .asp form posting info to .aspx page?

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    I understand that classic asp and asp.net can live and work nicely together in one application. I would like to use an existing asp form (has lots of includes, db calls, and logic that I really don&#039;t want to rewrite in .net) and post the results to a .aspx page for processing. <BR><BR>Is this even possible? If so, what is the syntax (in the aspx page) for declaring and accessing the varibles that were posted? Can I return to my .asp page after processing the .aspx page? Is there a better way to "call" and aspx function from a classic asp page and pass data? I&#039;m a newbie and really struggling with this! <BR><BR>thanks!!! :)

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    Not really. They run side by side from the same folder.<BR>If you want to post to an aspx page, you can read the request the same way.<BR><BR>string something = Request.Form["something"];<BR>

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