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    I want a table on my page which, depending on how large the window is, will have a different number of rows. Also, I want it to change how many rows it has when the window is resized.<BR><BR>In a similar way to this:<BR><BR>http://www.leeds-mediastore.co.uk/Controller?action=search&saction=true&javascript=t rue&keywords=&searchdescription=true&meta_3=&meta_ 1=&meta_2=&submit2=+++Search+++<BR><BR>I&#039;m really quite stumped, I can&#039;t think of any way to go about this. Can anyone help?

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    That doesn&#039;t have a table.<BR><BR>It uses floated elements to achieve that effect.<BR><BR>If you want this effect, I suggest you Google for some CSS resources on floating elements.<BR><BR>Craig.

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