I am referring to 2 of Scott&#039;s articles:<BR>1. Create Snazzy Web Charts and Graphics On the Fly with the .NET Framework, and<BR>2. Enhancing the &#039;Email the Rendered Output of an ASP.NET Web Control&#039; Code, Part 2 <BR><BR>OK. This is the scenario:<BR>I have a custom DataGrid (with client side paging). Inside a TemplateColumn I have an ItemTemplate containing a Panel that displays a pie chart and bar graph (using asp:Image controls) using summarised information.<BR>During the OnItemDataBound event, I set up some parameters and finally set the ImageUrls of my pie chart and bar graph to "Chart.aspx?...and querystrings containg the parameters). These charts are generated dynamically and streamed directly to the browser. This works great and it displays cool charts on my web page.<BR><BR>What I am trying to do next, and having problems with, is to email the report (datagrid). I used the code from Scott&#039;s article (number 2) (well, I translated it to C# first:):<BR>&#060;code language="C#"&#062;<BR>int grid1Position = Form1.Controls.IndexOf(grid1);<BR>//Create a new Page instance and a server side form<BR>Page p = new Page();<BR>HtmlForm hf = new HtmlForm();<BR>// add form to page<BR>p.Controls.Add(hf);<BR>hf.Controls.Add(gri d1);<BR>grid1.AllowClientPaging = false;<BR>StringBuilder SB = new StringBuilder();<BR>StringWriter SW = new StringWriter(SB);<BR>HtmlTextWriter htmlTW = new HtmlTextWriter(SW);<BR>// call page&#039;s RenderControl method<BR>p.DesignerInitialize();<BR>p.RenderContr ol(htmlTW);<BR>p=null;<BR>// add the datagrid back to the form<BR>Form1.Controls.AddAt(grid1Position, grid1); <BR>string lvstrEmailBody=SB.ToString();<BR>//and then setup and send the email...<BR>&#060;/code&#062;<BR>The body of the the email contains all the data, except the graphs. Does anybody know any reason why this would happen?<BR><BR>As far as I know, there are two differences between Scott&#039;s code and mine:<BR>1. I use a Custom Control DataGrid,<BR>2. I use &#060;asp:Image&#062; tag, and assign the ImageUrl during the OnItemDataBound event, and Scott uses &#060;img src="GenerateImage.aspx"&#062;<BR>Could any of these two issues be the reason, and why is this so?<BR><BR>Hope anybody can help me, I have been battling with this for about four days &#060;sad /&#062;. I have also tried to override the Render method of the Page, with the same results. (A little square with a red cross, instead of an image!)<BR><BR>Karin.<BR><BR>