I seems like an easy task.<BR><BR>I pull a record from access using datareader and bind it to a datagrid.<BR><BR>This record has a "short" date/time field called Term, i put it in a boundcolumn in my datagrid and format it appropriately {0,d}.<BR><BR>Now it displays fine, value shows up in a textbox in datagrid&#039;s edit mode, but for the life of me during datagrid&#039;s Update command, I cannot retrieve the value from the corresponding e.Item.Cells(5).Text I know for a fact that the cell is #5, cause that&#039;s what it says in the datagrid&#039;s property builder. I can also retrieve values from cells 4 and 6. I try to just put e.Item.Cells(5).Text into a Label, but it&#039;s always blank.<BR><BR>What am I missing here? Is it because its a date/time?<BR>