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    Default Site protection workarounds?

    Hello. I&#039;m basically trying to do some sort of "stealth click" mechanism. Say there&#039;s Server 1 and Server 2. I own server 2, but not Server 1. but whenever I link to a file directly on Server 1, it does not work... <BR><BR>on server 2:<BR>url=""<BR>response.redirect(URL)<BR><BR>does not work... It sends me to, but not to it automatically seems to know I am coming from a different server and redirects me. but i can take "" copy it into my location bar, and it *will* work. somehow, it knows the originating server is as a link. i&#039;m curious if there are any workarounds to this... does this question make sense? any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>dep

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    Default Need to use FULL url...

    Response.Redirect ""<BR><BR>But, yes, it is quite possible that the code in "" on server1 is checking to see what the HTTP_REFERER is and only allowing blank referers and/or same-site referers to hit the page directly.<BR><BR>

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