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    Okay, so I&#039;m using ASP to pregenerate XML files from records in a database (I&#039;ve looked at using SQLXML but it doesnt seem to give me the level of customisation that I need) - basically a web service.<BR><BR>At present I&#039;m being very good and using XMLDOM to create my XML structure, but this seems to require a huge amount of code to generate even the simpliest XML. I know that, if I were just to use string concatanation to generate my XML, things would be much neater and smaller.<BR><BR>Whats the general feeling about this? Which method should I be going for?

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    Default Use the DOM

    It&#039;s much easier to read... imagine the scalability problems involved with string concat. I tell you to add 50 more nodes, and then next thing you know you have 500 lines of concats.<BR><BR>The following programmer would surely murder you, and there wouldn&#039;t be a jury in the world that would convict him.

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