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    I want to wrap a text field in quotation marks in SQL...<BR><BR>Something like <BR><BR>SELECT &#039;"&#039;+CONVERT(varchar,Description)+&#039;" &#039; FROM Table<BR><BR>But I guess the above code would limit the output to 255 (the max for the varchar datatype).<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    you can specify the length of resulting string, if you do not, it will take 255 as default and maximum is 8000 and you can try following even on text data type<BR><BR>SELECT &#039;"&#039;+CONVERT(varchar(8000),Description)+& #039;"&#039; FROM Table<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR>Ammar M Hussain<BR>Web Developer<BR>http://www.islamicgoodsdirect.co.uk

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