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Thread: Question for MorningZ on validators not firing

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    In your response to a similar question you mentioned that the aspnet_client directory needs to be in the root. Being a novice at this and having a similar problem my questions this.<BR><BR>On my development machine the validators summary messagebox appears when there is an error. I move the web app to my test box that has aspnet_client under the inetpub directory, however the application code resides on a different drive. When I test for the validator conditions, the summary messagebox does not appear. Is this an aspnet_client location issue or is something else causing my validator summary messagebox from not appearing?

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    Default its just that

    "/aspnet_client/" needs to resolve....<BR><BR>so do this to make sure it is...<BR><BR>Paste:<BR>http://&#060;&#060; your domain or whatever &#062;&#062;/aspnet_client/system_web/1_1_4322/WebUIValidation.js<BR><BR>into your web browser and see if it finds the file (in which this confirms the directory is there) or 404&#039;s (manually copy the directory to the root of the application)

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