Hi There.<BR><BR>First of it all I would like to thank you for the last time you guys helped me. I can&#039;t find the thread so I&#039;m doing it here.<BR><BR>Last time, Bill mentioned that a lot of programmer don&#039;t plan their database deisgn right so I though I&#039;ll give you my plan and it&#039;ll be great i you can give me a feedback or two.<BR><BR>I have a few tables:<BR>useres_table<BR> id<BR> full name<BR> age<BR> username<BR> password<BR> date & time<BR> ip address<BR><BR>posts_table<BR> id<BR> user_id<BR> subject<BR> city<BR> date<BR> comments<BR> price<BR><BR>cities_table<BR> id<BR> city<BR><BR>How does it sound?<BR><BR>Thanks!