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    My question is <BR>How can I execute a "view" in Oracle with asp ?<BR><BR>The following example work&#039s !!!!<BR>q="select * from TablaName"<BR>set oTemp=con.execute(q)<BR><BR>The following example dosen&#039t work !!!! because user_tab_columns <BR>is a view associated with schema objects.<BR><BR>q="select * from user_tab_columns"<BR>set oTemp=con.execute(q)<BR><BR>Can anyone help me ?<BR>Tanks.

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    Try adding the user.view name.<BR><BR>q="select * from user.user_tab_columns"<BR>set oTemp=con.execute(q)<BR><BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jer ry<BR>

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