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    Hello all,<BR><BR>I am wracking my brain trying to figure out how to do this:<BR><BR>I have this website I am working on for the Maine Maritime Academy<BR>Alumni Association. They have over 5000 members and would like to<BR>have a memeber accessible database.<BR><BR>I am trying to develop a format for visiting almuni coming to the<BR>website, to add their name, address and E-mail address to this<BR>listing. Then, that listing needs to be accessible to other visiting<BR>alums.<BR><BR>This is the Maine Maritime Academy Alumni Association located at:<BR>a href=""<BR><BR>I guess what I am trying to do is similar to what is being done at:<BR><BR><BR>Please help me. What can I use?<BR>I am coding with Wordpad and am beginning to use Dreamweaver MX for<BR>my HTML

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    Default Ummm...HTML won't cut it... will need to use *SOME* server-side technology that is capable of making and using DB connections.<BR><BR>Yes, ASP can do that.<BR><BR>Pretty trivially.<BR><BR>But if you are a rank beginner, then maybe you ought to look for something pre-written that you can use.<BR><BR>I would suggest that you go to and see if they have a listing of anything that might work for you.<BR><BR>

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