I have created Template Page using ITemplate in ASP.NET (using C#). So, header and footer are fixed for all pages. Between header and footer, I can add different controls in &#060;body&#062; part as per the different requirements in different pages. In one page, i want to use &#060;form&#062; and i want to validate it using Javascript on client side. <BR><BR>Example:<BR>&#060;form id="Sample" runat="sever"&#062;&#060;/form&#062;<BR>(In this form, FirstName is the textbox for entering first name.)<BR><BR>But i am getting error "document.Sample.FirstName.value is null or not an object."<BR><BR>I checked the HTML Source Code. I found that it generates form name automatically and it&#039;s "template:Sample". And it&#039;s because of ITemplate. <BR><BR>Is there any way to validate this form using javascript ?<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance.<BR>