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    Hello,<BR><BR>Just wondering what the Editor of choice is. I&#039;m pretty happy with Interdev. But I&#039;m wondering what else is out there and what benefits keep you going back. I&#039;m especially interested to see Bill, God, Russell, Oliver and Reaper&#039;s choices.<BR><BR>Questions:<BR>1. Editor of Choice?<BR>2. Key Benefits?<BR>3. What type of projects do you code?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Andy

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    1. EditPlus primarily (Homesite occassionally and I&#039;ve dabbled in Visual Studio.NET)<BR><BR>2. It doesn&#039;t think for me. It doesn&#039;t muck with code. It doesn&#039;t impose it&#039;s standards on me. It doesn&#039;t add stuff to my code (even if it&#039;s for the good of all & debugging and stuff).<BR><BR>I can link external tools into it (call batch files, for instance - allows me to use a batch file for my ASP.NET compiling, which means I can do everything inside of the editor).<BR><BR>3. ASP & ASP.NET web apps with and without XML support. DB scripts (recently for building MySql database objects).<BR><BR>My ASP.NET apps have included using code-behind and web services. It wasn&#039;t as easy as VS.NET, but it got easier as I did it and created batch files for things.

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