Hi, all expects. <BR><BR>I have the first/main Layer Table within &#060;div align="center"&#062;<BR>So I leave both side empty such this site <BR>http://www.solomon-systech.com/home/<BR><BR>I have java menu bar. like http://www.ntt-it.com/index.html<BR><BR>Now I got problem. If I resize the IE or lower down to 800x600. <BR>Java Menu position is changed. <BR><BR>I tried to make layer with autostretch. yes.worked,BUT, with unuse scroll bar left to right.<BR><BR>it&#039;s working perfect if i make &#060;div align="left"&#062;, however, this is not what i want.<BR><BR>is this anything can do with http://www.ntt-it.com/index.html<BR>menu bar?<BR><BR>Hope you guys help...<BR><BR>thanks a lot