I have what may seem to most a very simple problem. I have created a custom control that list the value from a column in a database. So far easy enough. I use linkbuttons to display the values in a table. I create the linkbuttons in the CreateChildControls function and they are then rendered in the RenderContents function. All this works very well. What I am unable to do is to setup the onclick events for these linkbuttons. When a user clicks on on of the linkbuttons I wish to do futher processing. But as I can not catch the onclick events I am stuck. <BR><BR>I have tried ...<BR>link is an array of link buttons that are created in the CreateChildControls() function. OnClick is a function that I have created to to do my processing. <BR><BR>Example...<BR>link[i].Click += new EventHandler(OnClick); <BR>Controls.Add(link[i]);<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated!! <BR><BR>Thanks <BR> Brent <BR>