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    I have to build a web application that can handle 5000 or more simultaneous connection witch have access to a SQL database. Why should I use ASP instead of PHP or ColdFusion?

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    i develop in both ASP and CF. I can not comment on PHP, not real familiar with it.<BR><BR>i like ASP ten times better than CF (obviously...that&#039s why i&#039m responding from an ASP forum) for reasons of inherent programing style/techniques, VB familiarity, scalability... <BR><BR>To be fair CF is pretty awesome when it comes to rapid application development (it CAN take less time to develop the same thing with CF), but IMHO lacks in scalability, custom components, costs more, AND the overhead is higher due to the extra CF server piece (which i might add, seems to yak often, due to memory leaks). <BR><BR>although i think there are small wars taking place over &#039which language is better&#039 debate, IMHO ASP is king. my 2 cents. hope that helps. :)

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