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    Hey, I have a system settings table in my database. I want to cache the settings when the app starts up to save a trip to the db on every page that uses them. These settings can be updated via an admin site. That all works fine, but I want to make sure my cached data is current. I put a CacheDependency on the class when I cash it, which is just an xml file. My plan is to have a trigger that fires when changes are made to the settings which alters the file and invalidates the data in the cache. The thing is my database is on a different server and I&#039;m not sure how to do this. Basiclly I&#039;m just wondering if anyone knows how to do this or if there is an easier less painful way of doing this. <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jeremy

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    Ay. This is really tough with .Net 1.x. You can write an extended proc (in C) that you call from your trigger, that&#039;ll write to the file. If you can wait until V 2.0 (or ever Beta 2 of .Net 2.0) comes out, it introduces a SqlDependency that makes this a piece of cake.

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