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Thread: Revisiting old question: Who is logged in?

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    So I asked the question a few days ago... How to accomplish a "Who is currently logged in" feature to my page via ASP/VbScript.<BR><BR>It was suggested:<BR>"You could either use an Applicaton variable or you could log them in via a database. But there is no way for one session to find out about other sessions, thank goodness. If there were, then security in ASP would be a joke."<BR><BR>Any ideas on how I can get some more info in accomplishing this task? I could have a table populate when someone logs in, but how to accomplish removing them from the table once they close the browser? Since 9/10 times, users don&#039;t use the log-out feature.<BR><BR>dep

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    Default We've kicked this around..

    .. a few times, as well.<BR><BR>If you had a table of "sessions", you would need to update this table on each page that the user visits (or, to cut down on DB hits, say, every (Session.Timeout / 2) minutes). That way, you&#039;re constantly updating that the session is still active and that the user&#039;s browsing the site.<BR><BR>Then, to keep this table cleaned up, just delete any records that are older than your Session.Timeout.<BR><BR>A simple stored procedure could do both steps for you (updating their session and clearing the old records out).

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