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    i have a database in sql7.0 ,one of the field name is itempicturefile in that i have given the name of the image like abc.gif. Now i want to retreive this picture, which i have saved under the same folder as of asp files . As in the case of search engine we r putting the linked name mentioned in the database and along with that i want to show the image as well .<BR>pls help asap.

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    open up a recordset however you usually do with the itempicterefile field in it and use:<BR><BR>imgFile = rs.Fields("itempicturefield")<BR><BR>and put the img tag in you page like so:<BR><BR>&#060;img src="&#060;%=imgFile%&#062;" border="" etc.<BR><BR>assuming your picture file is in the same folder as the script file, otherwise stick the path in before the script delimiters.

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